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4 Forrest Yoga Workshops with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco 2018

  • Eden Studios 43 Breite Straße Berlin, Berlin, 13187 Germany (map)

4 Forrest Yoga Workshops with Ana Forrest, Jose Calarco and Team.

Each workshop begins with a short, yet very special Ceremony of song, dance & smoke blessing. Ana & Medicine Man, Jose Calarco set the intent for the practice and honor those taking part, the ancestors and custodians of our sacred land.

You can book single workshops, or all four. You don't need to take the tracking transformation workshops in a specific order! Workshops are open for all levels.

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Tracking Transformation 1-3 (Friday June 21st, 5:30-8pm, Saturday June 22nd 10:00am-12:30pm, Sunday, June 23rd, 10:00am-12:30pm):

What if you were able to track the process of transformation? This means becoming aware - during the actual process - of all the things that are happening to you during a transforming moment or time. In this session you will create a heightened sense of awareness through breath and asana to become aware of the quality of feeling that lives inside. Tracking what is happening in your yoga poses can be applied to tracking and guiding transformation in other parts of your life.

Unraveling the mysteries of hips neck and shoulders (Saturday June 23rd, 2:30-5pm):

In this Forrest Yoga session you learn to create freedom and strength in hip, neck and shoulders. You will learn to safely unlock these habitual tension spots through intensely focused breathwork and asana (including inversions, standing poses and vinyasa). Strengthen and lengthen the muscles around these joints and create space in these areas. This work helps you walk through your life with grace and freedom.