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Access your deeper power: "Heal the warrior's heart".

  • Grinberg Zentrum Neue Schönhauser Str. 16, yard, 4th floor. 10178 Berlin Germany (map)

Access your Deeper Power :"Heal the Warrior's Heart!"

This is a new workshop series from Earthwalking Teacher Nicola Tröger.

Each workshop includes:

  • Intent Alignement,
  • a 2-2,5 hour Yoga asana practice with a different focus, open for all levels
  • guided bodywork through savasana.

In order to move through life with all of our power, strength and to make our deepest wishes a reality, we need a heart that is able to be open and full of love. As we all experienced pain, loss and heartbreak we built scars around the heart. We closed it, we built a shield of protection and learned to select carefully what to love and what to avoid. This workshop focuses on gently opening the heart, melting the scars, and flooding it with fresh energy to have an even more exciting life!