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Access your deeper Power: "Surf on change"

  • Grinberg Zentrum Neue Shcönhauser Str. 16, Yard, 4th floor. Berlin, 10178 Germany (map)

Access your Deeper Power 2 :"Surf on change!"

This is a new workshop series from Earthwalking Teacher Nicola Tröger.

Each workshop includes:

  • Small lecture and writing exercises
  • a 2-2,5 hour Yoga asana practice open for all levels
  • guided bodywork

Change is a part of all of our lives.

As soon as we start transforming and changing ourselves, change will also be happening in our lives, professions, relationships or plans. The more we resist or avoid it, the harder and more painful we experience it.

Change brings many reactions, feelings and experiences to the surface: insecurity, not knowing, fear, excitement, a challenge to our confidence, freedom, pleasure, lightness. Many of us struggle with some of these for days or even years, before they take action for change.  This time of struggle can be experienced from a victims perspective (i cannot change, because....) or it can be met with a warrior's attitude: with courage. This includes: an open heart to learn, curiosity to experience ones strength and vulnerability, the wish to trust ones own strength enough to step into the unknown and meet anything that comes.

This workshop will strengthen your trust to go through periods of change with openness and flexibility. You will learn to surf fear instead of resisting it, so it becomes your ally. You will learn tools to connect to your physical strength. Your will free up the energy, that was stuck in the old and become open to receive the new, your wished experience :)