Yoga Bodyworkers Training Berlin co-taught by Brian Campbell and Jambo Truong, Forrest Yoga Guardians

October 15th - 24th 2018

Personal and Professional Development for Improving Movement Patterns through Ceremony, Science, Anatomy & Yoga


Location: Eden Studios, Breite Str. 43, 13187 Berlin - Tuition: Early Bird Price: 1997 €, available until August 20th 2018; Standard Price: 2550 €

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This training is for people of all educational backgrounds with passion for movement, touch, body-knowledge & healing.

By exploring your own asymmetries, injuries and anatomical characteristics over 10 days of yoga and bodywork, you will be educated:

/ to experience how the relationships of muscle/fascia patterns shape the physical body

/to understand, feel and see anatomy through breath and movement patterns in a whole new way

/to notice how emotions get stuck in the body and work with how the nervous system responds

/to process and release tension safely

/to apply touch in a highly skilled way

/to use and prescribe yoga postures and bodywork to improve intrinsic mobility patterns and initiate healing

Our famous CARESS is the practical foundation of our bodywork philosophy.  It is the backbone of all touch techniques and the most profound approach to communicating with the body.

The Medicine of the Caress comes through in how it communicates to the receiver that they are perfect as they are, they are worthy of being touched in a way that makes them feel good, and that they are safe, loved, and cared for. 

Without the Caress as a backbone most forms of bodywork tends toward being mechanistic. With the Caress, the body’s neuro-muscular-fascial-fatty-lymphatic-vascularized sleeve learns how to uptake pleasure and meet it’s own tension in ways that release and process out through the entire body. 

As a YogaBodyworker graduate you will be equipped with these significant educational and practical tools.

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Daily Schedule:

10-12.30 Morning Practice:

/Ceremony: singing & dancing!

/ 2h Forrest Yoga Class - fun, powerful, experimental, therapeutic- lead by Jambo & Brian

If you want to be part of the Morning Practice ONLY,  we offer single day tickets and the 10-day-bundle! Open for all levels.


14:30-18.00 Afternoon Clinic: Anatomy & Bodywork

/identifying relationships of muscle patterns to common postural and joint dysfunctions

/perceiving what is being expressed by the tissues, organs, bones, nervous system and emotions

/MyoFascial Release Bodywork for scar tissue, injuries, muscular and joint pain

/working one-on-one

/bonding with a like-minded community



Get inspired by the genuine empathy and wisdom behind the work of Brian Campbell

Tap into Jambo Truong's universe of uncanny passion, creativity and ingeniuity