We are Earthwalking...

when we honour Earth as our one common ground, the source we feed from and feed back into.

We acknowledge the ancient and progressive aspects of human nature.
Through what we do, we encourage ourselves to live life as a sacred adventure.
That includes valuing our challenges, honouring our truths and expanding our horizon by teaching our mind various ways of perceiving.

Becoming aware of how to create and maintain an atmosphere that connects us to our spirit, and how to grow and heal within that relationship, is the essence of Forrest Yoga, its Medicine. Earthwalking pledges to cherish and spread this Medicine and to introduce and expand it into new contexts.

Our intent is to build our local Forrest Yoga communities in Berlin through our combined and individual work as teachers, and to make Berlin a nodal point to connect the threads of the Forrest Yoga Hoop in Europe and to solidify its actions.

Earthwalking Festival is the cornerstone of our vision to relate genuinely and to prosper congruently, an event where all of our individual quests, our lifes' journeys meet and combine to co-create something extraodrinary. 


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